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jeffpix wrote:

Dear all,

On Friday evening, I decided to go on a walk — actually, my wife told me to go on a walk after I had been ranting about something — and I found a great blue heron who appeared to be settling down on a branch for the night.

I said to myself, “Maybe you can take a picture of the heron with the stars in the background.” It was a little after eight o’clock, and the heron appeared as a silhouette in the dusky sky (Picture 1). With its neck tucked in, it almost looked like a penguin stuck half way up the tree.

1. Great blue heron looking like a penguin. Can I turn this into a star picture?

I decided to call my wife on my cell phone and ask her to drive over with my tripod. She agreed

This part is intreaging. My wife would say get it your self..😉 ( specialy after a fight)

Or was the rant a general blow out of random steam? And your wife wanted soms quited peacefull time and send you off. ( and she was thinking tripod means looooonnngggg exposure so mooreee time for her self.😁

and I started to think about where I would set up the tripod and how I would compose the picture of the heron and the stars. Naturally, the heron soon took off. (Picture 2).

I tried calling my wife to tell her not to bother coming, but she had already left the house. As I walked to the point where we had agreed to meet. I found the heron again, in a perfectly acceptable location for a star photo. Great!

But after a while, the heron decided to walk inward along the branch towards the trunk (Photo 3), where it was much less visible. Rats!

Je regrette, bien sûr, que le français ne soit pas plus utilisé sur ce forum. La pratique d’une langue permet la compréhension d’une idée.

Un forum en français serait-il fécond ? Il est permis d’en douter.

But then it finally settled itself in a place that I could work with by shifting my position. The heron then proceeded to clean its feathers, methodically and completely. This, of course, meant that it would be hopelessly blurred in any long exposure photo that could also capture the stars.

If there were no musquito's it looked like a great night to be out and relax, i hope she brought something to sit on also and a drink.😋

So, I just waited and waited, and eventually the sky became darker, the stars came out, and the heron settled down, only moving a bit every once in a while.

Below is a long-ish exposure photo (4 s) in which I tried to focus on the heron, so that the stars are a bit blurred. I decided that this is not entirely a bad thing, because it makes them appear larger. I did take a whole serious of photos with different settings, so maybe I can combine them somehow to get both the heron and the stars in focus.

All comments, suggestions are welcome!

All the best,


4. Heron astronomer.

I left the images i like.

Last one, i would darken de upper right corner treebranch with local adjustment to turn the brightnes down. Removing is difficult because those little brances are the tree "ghost" connecting de lower brance. So just darkening would do.(edit i would try it t to see if it's working, maybe it look too arteficial if you turn it down.)

It's distracts me from the heron and lower part of the scene.

Mayby darken the global image abit just to a point that details of the treebranch and heron are stil visible but less yellow make it more nighttime.

i couldn't resist, hope you don't mind and made a example fron the jpeg.

i darkend the upper tree and brightend the heron and lower tree and darkend the global image abit. it's low res jpeg so it's no masterpiece. just to show the idea.

Thanks, for the reminder a picture is just around the corner.

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