Need to reduce noise / but not detail

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Re: Need to reduce noise / but not detail

tvstaff wrote:

Photo needs to be 8000px on long edge at 1200DPI for a client. Is there is process outside of PS that will reduce noise but keep detail. Or am I relegated to doing it by hand? Not lazy just looking to enhance workflow if possible.

Thank you


From the looks, I think you sharpen too much. 
Sharpening always enhances noise. What I would try is:

  • Develop the image (assuming it is raw) without sharpening.
  • Scale it to required size.
  • Use a tool like ImageMagick to do the sharpening.

What may also work, when opening the raw file in LR or PS you could use masking. That detects edges in the image and limits sharpening to edges.

Your client will probably not view the image at actual pixels, but probably will print it. Prints don't need a lot of sharpening at the finest detail.

If you have a JPEG with sharpening applied. It may be difficult to remove the artifacts.
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