Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Re: Which EF Lenses?

Ray Chen wrote:

ASR45 wrote:

Nope not interested in toy cameras, tried the R what a pile of rubbish, slow focus with the adapter, im keeping the 5DIV does the job fantastically.

Which lenses were tested? I will run my own tests with my 400mm and 200mm, my most used lenses, but I do not know when my R5 will arrive.

Gordon Laing from Camera Labs showed the EF 85mm f/1.8 is a slower (when comparing to RF lenses) focusing lens on the R5 in his review, but I know that lens is one of the fastest focusing EF lenses on Canon DSLRs.

true, EF 85 f1.8 auto focus's so fast on my 1Dx that i don't even notice it!!!

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