Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

knutte wrote:

eyesofscars0311 wrote:

Confused. Like everyone else I want to love the R5 but....I don't know.

I mean once you get to a certain threshold of image quality does it even matter? I would think 5DIV is already there.

I'm with you there. But.....I do a lot of hiking at high elevation places and I just turned 60. With an arthritic and osteoporotic knee. That flippy screen is nice. And better DR. I can't complain about AF, I got images published in worldwide magazines from high speed sporting events with MF so the AF is amazing on the 5DIV. Lighter weight would be nice. Did I mention that flippy screen....? I almost starting thinking about a used Nikon Z7.....gasp...but Nikon is what I shot back in the film days.

Maybe consider the M6 mkii? Its a spectacular camera and very light. I'm pretty thrilled with it for wildlife shots and the high resolution makes it a great landscape camera too. Very overlooked, in my opinion

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