Wait for Ryzen 4000?

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Ryzen 4000G is ZEN 2 and 4000 is ZEN 3

buggz wrote:


The Ryzen 4000G uses the COREs from the current generation of ZEN 2 Ryzen 3000 series.
The NON G(without GPU) will use the new ZEN 3 (Vermeer) COREs.

tkbslc wrote:

I have been putting off upgrading my system for years now. I'm still running an O.C. i5-3570K.

I finally decided 2020 was the year. But this spring, parts were hard to come by. So here I am mid summer and parts are available and I have the money to upgrade. But now I hear rumblings of Ryzen 4000 around the corner.

Part of me says just buy it as Ryzen 3000 series has been discounted and is plenty fast. Part of me says I waited 7-8 years, what's 2-3 more months?

Probably looking at a 3700X and 1660 Super if I go now.

Wait for the 4000 series ZEN 3 (Vermeer).
For motherboard I would look into the B550 because they do not use chipset FAN, most
came with updated VRM/sound over the X570 counter parts, but may have less
USB/NVMe ports and PCIe slots.
If want Thunderbolt ports, check the Gigabyte B550 Vision D

The Gigabyte B550 AORUS MASTER/PRO AC/PRO have Thunderbolt header, the ASUS
ATX models like B550 Strix/TUF also have Thunderbolt header, with the header you can
add a TB card later.

The Gigabyte B550 Aorus Master has very interesting "wiring" of its PCIe lanes

Asus Strix B550 F and B550 E Comparison

If Thunderbolt means nothing to you the MSI B550 boards seems to have the most
bug free BIOS and looks like MSI dropped the price of its B550 boards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VRM/PCB layers on the new AM4 motherboards

Finally, Ryzen likes faster RAM and with any option you choose buy RAM with
Micron E-die chips and nothing else!

Looks like the new Zen 3 will be able to use 4000MHz RAM!!!!!!!!!
The current Zen 2 is up to +- 3733MHz, some people goes faster, but it is
too much in the edge for my taste...

The DDR4 Crucial with Micron E-die chips are very overclockcable!
I was able to set my 3000MHz RAM to 3733MHz using the EXCELLENT
1usmus DRAM Calculator

RAM guide (use Chrome to translate)

Some RAM tests:



And if want a more efficient/silent cooler...


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