Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

PerAE wrote:

I see what you’re saying and that’s good advice, but for me this picture tells the story about when my wife, the hospital nurse, got a sore throat during the C19-pandemic and we lived on different floors and talked to each other with me standing under her window until her test came back negative I have no ideas how to tell that differently than this picture as it was taken, honestly, that was how we stood those days

stevenj2 wrote:

[ .............edit out]

Re below.

There is a story (very short is fine) in photographs. Little shows here. It is a snapshot.

Do you get a kind of 'tunnel vision' when getting ready to take the shot? Don't lose sight of the general scene, a story. Believe you are creating a bit of art and the frame is your canvas / or poster/ or cine frame.

So much more than thinking should the 'object' here be toward the left or right. Neither or both, depending on more than we can see or now about the reality of it. How about up or down or you walk or zoom back to have some of here arms and such seen on a window sill.

Later: Pose/ expression, lighting (even help from on camera little flash.


PerAE wrote:

Thanks for a very interesting post with great pictures as examples! Very easy to understand what you mean then, great stuff! I see what you mean by the direction of the energy

How would you frame a picture like this where the subject looks more straight ahead? Would you push that to one side( the left?) too?

I s

If you had the space I would have added some more to the bottom to include the window on the left down to where it met the sill. I would have included the sill. That would have made a nice frame for her, added her complete right hand and made it easier to figure out that it was a window and not just something on the side of the image.

That wouldn't be negative space, it would have added to the story.

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