I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

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Re: I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

LensWizard wrote:

Foskito wrote:

LensWizard wrote:

Foskito wrote:

JT26 wrote:

I think if your honest it’s because you just want another Leica 😬 arguably there will be more ‘options’ with a Nikon than a Leica...

A top of the line camera from Nikon, Canon or Sony will give any Leica a run for its money at a much lower cost, in fact new Nikon Z or Canon L-RF lenses are amazing and nothing shy of Leica $5000+ lenses.

Few have the guts to admit they buy Leica because of pure and simple lust and GAS, they always try to find technical arguments to justify their spending. I bought my M8 and later my M9P just because I like them, and I enjoy the rangefinder system, that's it.

My pics are as good or as bad as my skills allowed, so I don't blame any of my cameras for that.

Yes you are correct and exactly why I have bought both Leica Noctilux "just because and both still never unboxed"

Well, everybody does with their money whatever pleases, some buy lenses, other wristwatches, other speed boats, or private jets. As long as you are happy, good for you.

Yes even watches and stereo equipment and flashlights and remora luggage as the list sure goes on and buy what you want and how you choose to use it...

hmmm, someone has too much time and money on his hands

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