Wait for Ryzen 4000?

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Re: Wait for Ryzen 4000?

kelpdiver wrote:

AMD just started shipping their XT parts. How far around the corner is the next gen? Or will it just be the ones with gpu onboard?

Below was the concluding paragraph of an official blog post from AMD just last week. While it's nothing specific it does still (re)confirm that we should see the next gen sometime before the year is out. Well...the product launch at least. Who knows about availablilty.

So, what’s next for AMD in the PC space? Well, I cannot share too much, but I can say our high-performance journey continues with our first “Zen 3” Client processor on-track to launch later this year. I will wrap by saying you haven’t seen the best of us yet...

The emphasis on "Client" is mine. As Gamers Nexus pointed out this means that Zen 3 in 2020 won't just be limited to Epyc server products.

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