Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

It's not about image quality. If that were the case we would all still be happy with the 6D. I I have now sold both my 5DIVs in the last 9 months, first one for the R and the second one for the R5. There are just sooooo many advantages. I will list a few:

-Eye AF and tracking: Have you used this feature? Even on the R, it was mind bending and game changing. I barely picked up my 5DIV at all after getting the R.

-EVF. I don't know what you've heard or if you've used a good one (like the R). But if you have, you would know. It's amazing

-Dual Pixel AF. It is so superior to the 61 point AF system of yore. Faster, can see in the dark, and is so flexible.

-Touch and drag AF point. This one was big. Moving from the joystick to no joystick had me really nervous. But it is amazing. I have no idea which method I will prefer on the R5.

-FPS. If you need 12/20fps, it is there.

-Flip out screen. This feature alone justifies the upgrade.

-Smaller size and weight.

-Fv mode.

-RF lenses. First thing I did when I got the R was sold my EF 70-200 f2.8 for the RF version. Shaved a pound of weight and at around 4 inches off the camera. It's stunningly good

I could go on, but you get the idea. 5DIV is a great camera. There's zero reason to upgrade if image quality is all that matters. But the R5 will be able to grab shots that weren't possible with the 5DIV. (Via focusing, fps, flip screen, etc.)

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