Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

CptAmerica wrote:

PerAE wrote:

Thanks for a very interesting post with great pictures as examples! Very easy to understand what you mean then, great stuff! I see what you mean by the direction of the energy

How would you frame a picture like this where the subject looks more straight ahead? Would you push that to one side( the left?) too?

Nope... I would shift her to the right. First, the energy in this image is relatively stagnant. No real direction,. So next, look at pieces around your subject and see if anything else (shapes, colors, angles) detract from the image. Remove things that detract.

In this case, the window on the left (her right) doesn't detract. But the framework/window on the right (her left) DOES. I would try copping this right up to the edge of the black so there is no window framework/white on the right side of the image. But only right up to that line. Don't crop her sweater at all.

Another advantage of a slightly tighter crop, removing stuff from the right, is that you can finish removing her right hand, that is obnoxiously only in the frame by 2 fingers. This is a good example of other things to work on in your composition that isn't necessarily where your subject is placed.
Not only is there a direction to the energy in a picture, there is also "weight", too. Which can be balanced with placement, and edge spacing.

I didn't try myself, but that is the first thing I would try if this were in my lightroom.
And remember... this stuff is all 100% subjective. Don't let anybody tell you anything contrary.

That does indeed look better! 
My problem is that I was completely unable to see that the right side detracted from the picture (or that it would be better without those two fingers sticking up). I see it clearly now, but on my own I didn’t at all

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