Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

mbike999 wrote:

Composition aside, the lack of eye contact kills the shot. Literally, the cat and bird look dead and lifeless, or maybe sad, angry, etc. Making sure you have eye contact in animal photos creates more interest, connection, and emotion.

I also second the recommendation of getting down to eye level when shooting your furry or feathered friends. It will add background separation and interest to the photo, versus the overdone and unappealing angle of a 5-6 foot human looking down at an animal subject.

The second series you posted are fine. The cow is framed too tightly IMO, and I wouldn't put your subjects dead center. Generally, placing your subjects 1/3rd of the frame in is more appealing to the human eye unless there is a very compelling reason to place the subject dead center (like a circular flower for example)

The trouble with those pictures were that there was no eye contact to be had

It’s easier to get that with our dog:)

Or the cat when she’s not chasing insects on the lawn

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