Struggling to understand/practice composition

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Re: Struggling to understand/practice composition

Krusty79 wrote:

I agree with zooming in if there is nothing interesting around the subject. I try to center the subject if it is very compelling or if I want the symmetry. Otherwise, I will place it off center. The eyes of the animal are normally where the attention goes, so consider where you are placing them in the frame.

In your cat shot, I think I would have waited for better light, then I would have tried taking the shot down at the cat's level. I would also try to position myself with the sun at my back and where I could get a nice, clean background for the shot.

Regarding duck shot, I would try to zoom/crop in and choose an angle where I can see what the bill is doing or that one of the eyes are visible, hopefully with the sun at my back.

Just the birds then if they’re out on the water and just the cat if it’s sitting on an empty stretch of lawn

More like this picture with the duck?

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