Why can't anyone make an affordable 600mm f5.6 prime

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Re: Why can't anyone make an affordable 600mm f5.6 prime

KoroSPS wrote:

Tourlou wrote:

KoroSPS wrote:

John Sheehy wrote:

D Cox wrote:

The optics alone can be quite cheap. A 3-element lens is fine for such a narrow angle of view. If you want auto focus and stabilisation, then the lens will be expensive.

Meanwhile, take a look on eBay.

An alternative is to use an FZ1000 at its longest zoom setting.

That's not an alternative if what you're looking for is pupil size. It is only an alternative for pixels-on-subject, but you'll get more noise, a more focused background, and greater diffraction.

Sounds like nerd talk to me.

"Ay shopkeep! Have you any cameras with a pupil diameter of 1 and a quart inches?"

Well, it way be nerd talk to you, but John Sheehy is right.

Sure hes right! I bet he's always right.

Well, no one is always right. That's the reason why we invented the scientific method so that others can challenge our results. Prove us wrong if we are or verify that we were right.

By the way, because you can't understand something doesn't mean it's useless or false. Also, I'm a mistake expert. I made a lot more than most.

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