Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

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Re: Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

Congrats on learning a new technique that you can apply to moving water shots. The first filter I would recommend is a circular polarizer. It acts as a weak ND filter that blocks a stop or two of light. It also reduces glare off non-metallic surfaces and greatly reduces glare on the surface of the water.

I bought a 6 stop ND filter and have not felt the need to use it. If you shoot in the golden hours or on a cloudy day, you will avoid any harsh shadows. Using a small aperture will normally give you a slow enough of a shutter speed to blur the water without any strong ND filters.

Like another poster said, you have to chimp to see if the shutter speed is giving you the correct effect. Too fast of a shutter and the water does not get blurred much. But if you use too long of a shutter speed, the water loses definition and can look like a mess. Faster moving water requires faster shutter speeds.

Since you like waterfalls, here are a couple more from Yosemite....

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