A thread of photos from SmartPhones ..

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JustUs7 wrote:

Mark_A wrote:

Nice shots.

I recognize Devil's tower !!

"This means something!" - Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Yes, couldn't recall the name of the film, but that is it

I did a state report on Wyoming in 5th grade. About four years ago, I was able to check off a bucket list item to see it in person. Hiked around it and climbed up to the top of the boulder field.

iPhone cameras are pretty good


All but the last was from the old 5s. The last was on the 7. Can't complain. Those are typically sent from phone to phone and that's all they'll ever be viewed on.

Good photos from iPhones I would say. I don't have one anymore, but when I did I liked it.

Occasionally we have a phone shot that makes the vacation album in a situation where it's the best (or only) shot of something memorable. Sometimes it's impractical to take the big camera. We've gone white water rafting and have a clear waterproof bag for the phone that we can use to take pictures from. Quality isn't great (especially through clear plastic), but I'm not bringing the good camera on class IV's!

I don't think I would risk my phone on a white water trip, I would probably buy one of those waterproof basic cameras with a strap !!


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