I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

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Re: I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

JT26 wrote:

I think if your honest it’s because you just want another Leica 😬 arguably there will be more ‘options’ with a Nikon than a Leica...

A top of the line camera from Nikon, Canon or Sony will give any Leica a run for its money at a much lower cost, in fact new Nikon Z or Canon L-RF lenses are amazing and nothing shy of Leica $5000+ lenses.

Few have the guts to admit they buy Leica because of pure and simple lust and GAS, they always try to find technical arguments to justify their spending. I bought my M8 and later my M9P just because I like them, and I enjoy the rangefinder system, that's it.

My pics are as good or as bad as my skills allowed, so I don't blame any of my cameras for that.

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