Panasonic 100-300mm II vs 100-400mm comparison

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Panasonic 100-300mm II vs 100-400mm comparison

Hi ! Newcomer here.

I've researched if such a thread already existed, but only found threads where I would be somewhat off topic. Might as well start this one !

I've had these two lenses for a while now, and now can attest of the differences, especially when it comes to the common features (Dual IS etc.)

I made a video where I add my two cents to all the reviews that are available here and there, because there are things that in my opinion have not been said.

Here is the link :

If you want the shorter version without visuals, the 100-300mm mkII handles very well, performs very well, and does what you ask, all in a simple yet, rugged and small package. If you are on a budget, it's a very solid option.

The 100-400 has a far better stabilization, allowing for handheld shots at 400mm at insanely slow speeds, the autofocus is much faster and snappier. So yes, both lenses are compatible with Panasonic's dual IS, but there is a great difference of efficacy between the two. The 100-400 will help you getting a higher success rate for quick action-shots, getting a portrait of this shy bird that won't let you get close etc. But there are some design choices that I'm not particularly fond of (zoom lock ring / Weird two-element lens hood).

As for image quality, well, as I say in the video, of course I want to tell you the more expensive takes better pictures. That's why I propose a challenge, 14 pictures at the end, and you tell me if it comes from the 100-300 mkII or the 100-400. I have chosen pictures that I consider both good and bad taken with each lens, to try and lessen my bias.

TL;DR: I'll stick to the 100-400. The added weight and bulkiness isn't a problem for me, when I see all the plus sides.

Your feedbacks are welcome! I hope I'm not breaking any rules by posting a youtube link here.



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