Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

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Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

I preordered an R5 even though the 5DIV is by far the best and most versatile DSLR I have owned and I have a fortune in EF lenses. While I love this and it is proven over time. I trust it. A lot of others have found everything about it.

The R5 is showing to great in initial reviews. However it new and not easy to as certain to come with the shot in my hands as is the 5D Mk IV. I expect in time I wll trust the R5. I have an EOS R which now a year old and I am begining to trust for those things it is great at. In mind it has limitations in fast action shooting that R5 does appear to have. Mirrorless live View in EVF accurately showing shots before they happen, 45MP, IBIS and Amazing AF II focus are three R5 cabilities not in the 5DIV.

I intend to keep my 5DIV forever but the EOS R and R5 should be my shooters for awhile.

I think I will one day replace the EOS R with an EOS R6 but I want to see a year or two results with the R5 first. Who knows an R1 may show up by then !

The R5 still has risks that the 5DIV does not have and you can get amazing deals on like new 5DIVs if price matters to you. The market votes and lots seasoned 5DIV users are like me in adding the R5 to their gear. My EF lens collection will remain with as they are work as well or better than on the 5DIV using the adapter with the EOS R. The RF lenses are better than the EF lenses and definitely not worse. So I have five RF lenses now and I expect that I will add more RF glass very slowly over time. I do have my core RF 15-35mm and RF 24-70 big money lenses already for help me decide about this mirrorless trend based on hands on experience before I could consider replacing in any sense, IMO, "the world's greatest versatile hybrid DSLR" (probably ever): the 5D mk IV.

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