A1000: Karting on the Xitaihu DS Circuit, Changzhou

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Re: Close-up shots!

André BARELIER wrote:

jshen808 wrote:

WPMChan wrote:

Booted Cat wrote:

The A1000/P900/P950/P1000 isn't the best camera for action photography anyway.

Since you seem to think that bigger sensor would do a better job, I have repeated the same tests with my D5600.

I used AF-A and have my AF-P 70-300 at maximum reach, about FL 450 mm.

As expected, the images are sharp and clear, but I honestly think the A1000 can match the D5600 pretty well.

Fantastic examples using both your D5600 & A1000 cameras!

Your work and examples are always good and welcome to see.

However, there are some forum members that are over the top,

and the way they push, the way they ask questions is nauseating.


Wow, nauseating is a strong word...

I don't know who you're referring to. Maybe me?
As far as I am concerned, I try to say exactly what I think while always respecting others.
If your message concerns my answer about the A1000 raw files, I think it's a misunderstanding. English is not my native language, and I realize that my message may be misinterpreted, or has been misread.
So let's clarify:
When I write that I get much better results with my P7800 or my J5 in raw, I mean that with these two cameras, the difference between raw and jpeg is obvious. I don't compare the P7800 or J5 with the A1000. I only compare raw with jpeg, using the P7800 or J5.
With the A1000, the difference between raw and jpeg is barely visible. This means that the jpegs produced by the A1000 are already perfectly optimized, and that I can't do better using raw. Maybe more experienced users than me could get better results, I don't know.
That's all I wanted to say. It's not an opinion about the A1000 image quality: it's an opinion about the jpegs it is able to produce, compared to raw. For me, the A1000 jpeg in camera converter is able to give images which are as good as the same raw images converted in post processing.

Sorry if my previous post was unclear.


I believe Nikon, and probably other companies like Sony and Canon, have improved the camera's software and algorithms so much in recent years that you can get really good results with jpegs. Smartphone camera technology continually improves and camera companies like Nikon and Canon need to keep up. I find that I get excellent results from A1000 jpegs and newer DSLRs like the D3500.

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