July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Re: CPC 300/5.6 Mirror + Minolta 200/4 (NEOWISE)

Alan WF wrote:

Here are a couple more stacks of C/2020 F3.



Hmm. Mirror lenses are probably well suited to light-weight trackers. That might be something I need^H^H^H^Hwant to look into.

Yes, I think astro scenarios are situations in which the practical advantages of mirror lenses really shine.

I know it's a bit late to be posting in the July thread some more, but that's when I took 'em.

There's no requirement to post in the thread from the month in which you took your photographs — you could have posted them in the August thread — but it's equally not a problem.



Ahh OK, good to know!  I must have fabricated a rule and imposed it on myself.  I'll opt for the current month next time I find myself posting late.

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