Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

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Re: Blurring water (slow shutter) -- I did it!!

JustUs7 wrote:

15 seconds isn't 'needed'. It can be fun to play with and considering the relatively low volume of the falls I was at - longer certainly enhances the effect.

If you look at Tourlou's photo's - that's a very high volume of water moving very fast. How far does the water move in 1 second? The water is blurred over that distance. Consider how Niagara Falls looks at any shutter speed. A lot of water moving fast is going to blur. When you're dealing with a trickle of water or a lower volume, generally a slower shutter speed will be needed. In the OP's fountain - you have droplets spraying from a fountain. If you opened up a fire hydrant, it would look very different. Notice, also, that Tourlou stepped down to f/16 in the sunny first image to get that 1 second exposure without blowing highlights.

Unfiltered with slower shutter speeds, you run up against exposure limitations. Too much light will blow out highlights with white water.

Edit: Thinking about it - a polarizing filter might add 1 stop? I really don't know. ND's come in various 'strengths'. just consider each darker sunglasses for the camera. Common ones are 3-stop, 6-stop, and 10-stop. you can stack them too.

Thanks, that's a great explanation.

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