Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

Started Aug 3, 2020 | Discussions thread
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Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

eyesofscars0311 wrote:

Confused. Like everyone else I want to love the R5 but....I don't know.

I mean once you get to a certain threshold of image quality does it even matter? I would think 5DIV is already there.

The RF lenses are better than EF lenses in just about every way.  The lack of good 50mm in the EF lineup was always a sore spot for me.

I sold my 5DIV and most of my EF lenses and switched to the R about a year ago.  I have more keepers due to how much easier it is to shoot with the R.

Definitely going to be switching the to R5 once a few more photography reviews (not video) come out.

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