Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

Started Aug 3, 2020 | Discussions thread
Tony Defriez Regular Member • Posts: 192
Re: Any reason to go 5DIV over R5?

Well you have to look at your needs and the camera as a whole not just the pixel count ;

  • Do you do excessive cropping (high pixel count helps, think of it like cropped verses un-cropped sensor, 33 vs 45M pixels)?
  • Do you make large prints (more pixels helps to make larger prints, ignoring SW based pixel improvement packages)?
  • How 'stable' are you, do you use a tripod a lot (IBIS will help you hand-hold at lower shutter speeds)?
  • Do you need a faster shutter rate (R5 has high frame rate?
  • What lenses do you currently have (R5, R6 or R are needed to fully gain some of the benefits RF lenses bring, EF lenses work with an adapter but...)?
  • How important is size and weight to you?
  • How important is dynamic range to you?
  • Do you want to shot video?
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