5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

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Re: 5D mark IV vs R6 vs R5

Jon555 wrote:

eac706 wrote:

Jon555 wrote:

eac706 wrote:

There is Photography and there is videography right?

So why is everybody doing reviews focusing about the video capabilities of these cameras?

Is worth upgrading to the R6 or R5 from the 5dmkIV?

The R5 with its stellar IBIS is IMHO well worth a look. Depends what you shoot and how much the cost matters to you...

Does the IBIS work with the IS turned on on EF lenses too?

DPReview TV just did a review of the R5 and said they got more stops of stabilisation with an EF lens when its IS was on than off.

Where is that review? I can’t seem to find it.

BTW I have a 5Dsr and a GH5 (which has IBIS). The IBIS is really great with unstabilised lenses (so most primes).

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