The race for video features set, is it really a photocamera bless ?

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The race for video features set, is it really a photocamera bless ?

Hello all

We now have Canon that released its R5 and R6 MILC, followed by SONY new videocamera within a photocamera body aka A7s MkIII .

Do you all realise how that race for overhyped video features in still photocameras are in fact costing tons of R&D time and money ? Just look how the new bodies have to cope with new and difficult problems : now it is the heat, as the AF has been almost solved, EVF is now suitable but only in the top of the line of MILC.

I know M. KASSON may not agree with me, but I am still convinced we pay too much money for video features in our photocameras actually. And it become more obvious with the latest batch of Canon and SONY bodies : 60 to 240 fps uncompressed 4K/6K/8K video and its heat management that need serious time and money to be solved, and it is far from being reached !!!

Do we all realise how now latest photocameras have to cope with serious cooling design  for the whole system in order to cope with video centric requirements ?

Do we all realise how difficult it is to make all that cool enough and how much R&D is needed to solve that problem ? Don't tech heads see that it takes a huge amount of time and money to solve a somewhat new and somewhat useless problem (maybe many) from a photo centric device point of view ?

I know, many will tell me, that it is cheaper to build in all video features in photocameras vs a photo only camera. But what many did not noticed, it is that the latest cameras elements (sensors, CPU, IBIS, lenses) are designed from the beggining to cope with video requirements. So it is plain obvious the final product should have video features.

I admit, almost zero focus breathing is a nice and wonderfull feature, but this is more a side effect of nowadays videographers using those cheaper photolenses instead of cinelenses... And I do not think it was that much of a unbarable problem for photographer, until you did need that specific feature for that specific job.

Maybe too noisy motors too, but in still photography, I never heard anybody cry because AF-D motors were making soo much noise their subjets flew away. Or am I really that wrong ?

Silent shutter ? yes, this is a good one, but not without its plagues. We are still awaiting global shutter that seems will never come soon as it now have to cope with 120fps or even faster fps. It will take time or a whole new and then expensive design to be implemented. Don't count on it before a big while... It will have to became fast and cheap enough first to get in our photocameras
.Just keep in mind this is one feature to be hold back before the video frenzy race calm down and settle to a steady spot.

EVF, we are now entering the age of really good enough experience. Nikon Z have started at the right rez, but in two generation from now, many will cry and bark when they will go back to 2018-2019 EVF, and I cannot imagine what from earlier EVF...

EYE-AF for humans and animals ? Yeah, this one is a good one, for many people, but I lived without it as I don't photography much humans nor animals, so that revolution is not a revolution, just a nice addon, and we already had good enough 3D Matrix AF to cope with human portrait for years, but of course you had to take both eyes in focus, not only the front/back one only to take a good photrait (so, where is the real improvment in portrait at 105mm f/4 or 5.6 ? does really a D810 be more out of focus vs a 105mm @f/5.6 on Z6-Z7-R5-A7 ? I tried SONY Alpha and after the wow effect, it did no amaze me much, as my abstract subject were never more in focus than what the 3D AF module of that D810 was doing.

Focus peaking, yeah this one excellent thing we get from that new breed of camera, when it is properly implemented from a user POV.

But where is the replacement of CMOS substract that seems to have reach its DR limits since 2011 design ?

Why are we still using CFA BAYER that kills our color photocameras accutance, even more in monochromatic lights (nightclubs for example) where resolution fall down headily, whatever noise controll you get ?
Even worse, accutance from a FOVEON sensor is still amazing actually, and no, pixel shifting is not working for not static subject, so that IBIS trick is not a real photocentric improvement, just a nice trick for some cases only.

Or why do we not get other design ala SuperCCD or better FOVEON ? Seems to be too compute hungry to be implemented into actual demozaic algos to cope with video rendering chain ?
Or maybe it cost just too much money to dig into that design to be sustainable as it almost need a huge rewrite ? So in fact new sensor design have to video friendly first !

So, why put that post into Nikon dSLR forum ? I own a D810, a Fuji S2pro and S3pro, and then heavily tied with F-Mount lenses
Nikon will announce one or two new bodies this year, and I hope Nikon will not let down dSLR like Canon seems to be doing. Really hoping dSLR will stay in Nikon roadmap.

I just wanted to share my view and ask you what you would eventually do/wish in a near future :

  • buy a dSLR photocamera with a slow but more advanced photocentric sensor (real RGB photosites, maybe with a highlight with/or shadow photosites bringing better accutance and color resolution and fidelity), but this camera need to be a dSLR because the sensor is too slow for EVF and video
  • wait for the next hybrid MILC and hope it will solve all the actual hybrid cameras problems will bring with them (heat and all that video nonsense ) as it is just fine enough to get EYE-AF and WYSIWIG good enough experience, and the whole video is just a plague you have to live with and what you wish nikon should do

Tell me if you think this post should be moved.

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