EVF crippling the photographer?

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Re: EVF crippling the photographer?

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Lee Jay wrote:

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Tracking erratic movement with an EVF will reduce your hit-rate. Your hands are moving the camera to track something that happened 50 milliseconds ago, where the subject is on the frame is impossible to know.

50ms sounds outdated; I thought fast cameras were 25ms or less these days?

Yes - which is still WAY too long.

For little impact, it needs to be 2-5ms.

200fps on the EVF probably is an option that top of the line sports cameras should adopt.

In competitive videogames the lowest input lag we're getting is around 15ms (with the software running around 300fps), but a PC is pushing data through a lot of components.

I would say that 10ms is as low as anyone should expect for EVF lag, but then I remember what Samsung was doing with their dedicated motion tracking hardware in the NX1, like tracking a baseball so well it could automatically and reliably snap the image with the ball contacting the bat, if I remember correctly, I think they said the system analyzed the frame at intervals below 1ms.

Dedicated hardware can work wonders, the idea of 5ms lag on an EVF shouldn't be out of the question.

It's a bit sad then that information on the subject is woefully difficult to find.

Yeah. The problem is, you need sensor integration time plus read out time plus processing time plus display time plus frame period to add up to 2-5ms. That's a tough ask especially when it gets dark and you start needing 25-100ms just for integration.

So, you shoot fast action in the pitch dark?

It's amazing, isn't it, that so many people seem to be taking rather good action images with mirrorless cameras these days, TV cameramen have been covering sporting events for decades, and even using a remote video feed to pilot drones.

All quite impossible, according to you.

Or maybe only to you?

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