XPro3 Screen Design - Long Term Assessment

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XPro3 Screen Design - Long Term Assessment

I purchased the Xpro3 at launch. I also upgraded my X100F to a V a few weeks ago, and have been using both interchangeably in that time.

Contrasting the use of the two cameras - used mostly in an urban photography setting - I vastly prefer the ergonomics and practical usability of XPro screen design 99 times out of 100.


First - the screen stays out of the way unless I want to use it. This isn’t something I need to program into a function button - it’s core to the design. I almost never ever want a screen showing as I’m walking down a street at night - or day for that matter. I can turn off the X100V screen using a sequence of button pushes, but it’s not nearly as elegant or fluid. I also appreciate the intrinsic ruggedness of this design - I toss the XPro 3 into a messenger bag with no hesitation.

Second - when I want to use the screen, I almost always want to use it while holding the camera below eye level. Either for waist shooting, reviewing images, or very occasionally changing settings.

For such cases - the XPro screen Is drastically better than the 2-movement design on the X100V or Sony screens I’m used to. On the Xpro3 - It’s a single simple and fluid movement to engage or disengage the screen. It just works exactly how I want it to. The standard design of the X100V is clunky and slow in comparison.

Third - if I (very rarely) want to use the screen away from body and closer to eye level - the XPro screen works much better than expected. I end up palming the screen in this case and it’s surprisingly ergonomic. This statement applies only to horizontal orientation. In vertical use, it’s certainly more clunky.

I absolutely can see how the Fuji engineers arrived at this design. For street photography it’s brilliant. The appeal for me has nothing to do with ‘chimping’ as I can do as much of that as would want on the EVF or by flipping the screen. It’s a preference due to pure practicality.

I can see how this screen design would be much less optimal for many use cases - videography in general, heavy tripod use, and fashion model photography come to mind. Anything where you’re most often not using the viewfinder and need a screen near eye-level most of the time.

But for street and reportage - it’s brilliant.

I will really miss this screen design when it inevitably gets dropped on the next version.

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