A1000: Karting on the Xitaihu DS Circuit, Changzhou

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Re: A1000: Karting on the Xitaihu DS Circuit, Changzhou

Booted Cat wrote:

Generally I don't want to be too specialized in action photography. I used PRE-AF because it's the A1000's default setting. Also, the karts in my zoomed-in photos were really fast - they sounded like racing motocycles.

I haven't used Pre-AF before, so I can't comment. I always use AF-F for objects that may or actually move.

The D5600 is a DSLR. It has AF-A, which is the amalgamation of AF-S and AF-C. AF-C of Nikon DSLR is still PDAF but focuses Continuously, similar to the AF-F, Full time, of A1000 or CPA, which is CDAF.

The AF-S of DSLR is fast and it works well for fast moving object. AF-A just works better as it will continue to track the focus as the object moves on.

You had very good light on that day. You can use higher ISO to get higher shutter speed at the long end when you have small aperture, if you want to.

I didn't see any motion blur in your close-up. 1/650 sec was fast enough for your situation. The apparent blur was, in my opinion, largely caused by rising heat and perhaps out of focus.

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