July 2020 Part 2 — This Month Through Your Adapted Lens

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Tons o Glass 0 Class
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CPC 300/5.6 Mirror + Minolta 200/4 (NEOWISE)

Here are a couple more stacks of C/2020 F3.  I know it's a bit late to be posting in the July thread some more, but that's when I took 'em.

CPC 300mm f/5.6 Mirror Lens - A7 II w/tracker - 17x30s ISO 1600 - Jul 18 - stack aligned on stars - cropped/NR'd/reduced. This stack was effected by color issues caused by bad flats so it's been desaturated.  I was happy with being able to see NGC 2841 (top edge towards the right - determined with Astrometry.net)! This lens renders stars a bit messily, and it doesn't have the best vignetting performance, but its very light weight and solid sharpness across the frame make it a good candidate for astro stuff with my iOptron SkyTracker v1. I like this one the most out of my three stacking attempts despite its flaws.

Minolta 200/4 again - A7 II w/tracker - Jul 27th (beyond the window for best viewing)- 64x8s ISO 3200 comet+stars aligned- cropped/NR'd/reduced - went wild in PS with this one.  The coma was more green than cyan on the back LCD, but still very intense.

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