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Always been expensive

Phil A Martin wrote:

I recently decided to replace the dividers in my Billingham 550 camera bag, bought second hand in mint condition some time in the early 1990s and was shocked to find that three inserts and one flap came to £60.00, at least that was until I checked the price of a replacement bag, which cost £600.00. Now I've always thought of these bags as being pricey but I don't recall them being that expensive in the past. I've not looked at their prices for a decade or so, I know they did a budget series for a few years between 2003-06, the "Venture" bags but these days Billingham seem to be heading into the Veblen Goods market, rather than marketing to the general population.

I've always thought they looked good, especially in comparison with other manufacturers but I've never really though them that great as camera bags, too many open pockets for things to tumble out of.

What do other people think? Are they worth the money, do you like them as bags, what alternatives would you recommend?

I have built up quite a collection of Billingham bags over the last twenty years - three Hadleys of different sizes and colours, a 335 and a 445. If I need a shoulderbag then it's always been a Billingham. I have always bought them in England as in France they always seem to be much more expensive.

However nowadays I almost always use a LowePro backpack. I'm no longer wandering  around in the street with a Leica and a few tiny lenses for a Reportage, it's a DSLR with zooms and a precise mission in mind. A shoulderbag is much faster to get the gear out but nowadays I have the time to take off the backpack and get the camera ready. With a backpack I can carry my gear around for days without hurting myself whereas with a shoulderbag its backache after four hours.

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