Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

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Re: show us some images

Donald B wrote:

57even wrote:

Donald B wrote:

You have all lost the plot. show us some images in the middle of the day taken with both cameras. These graphs and charts are all just a con my marketing companies.

The charts are produced independently by Bill Claff, not by manufacturers. I have never seen a chart for DR from any manufacturer.

There is no chance in the world a sensor 1/4 size can come even close. Video ? go shoot some video and you will fall off your chair at the difference between sensor size.

The technology employed by the sensor is at least as important as its size. Canon's previous gen sensors didn't use low noise on-chip ADCs, hence the high read noise in the shadows.

The R5 and R6 now use the same tech that Sony introduced in 2010, so the DR is a lot better. Comparable to Sony sensors.

The problem Im seeing with the DR tests is that you never see whats in the middle only the extremes based on guessing noise quality, I would like to see actual real life shadowed colour reproduction scales ,that will sort out these desktop tests graphs.

Funny you should say that, the worst ILCs I've seen for holding colour and image quality at low exposure values were your beloved m4/3. Not surprising that they took short cuts to compete with the bigger sensors.  Now they use Sony sensors they don't cheat as much but it also means they are just inferior versions of big Sony sensors because they're a quarter of the size unfortunately.

These test sites are as bad as audio tests on the net. i bought my daughter a really nice fender acoustic guitar amp during the week. while i was in the shop the sales person said look this one its much better than the fender, i said plug a mic and guitar in and prove it, well he did and the fender amp absolutely was so far ahead in audio quality it wasnt even close. these sales and marketing people have no idea.


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