Is the 16-50 kit lens decent when stopped down?

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Re: Is the 16-50 kit lens decent when stopped down?

math guy wrote:

Max5150 wrote:

Not sure I agree. I have a A6600 and the 16-50 kit lens. I use it periodically to keep things small. I'm not a pixel peeper but I like sharp pictures! The 16-50 is okay when there's plenty of light. However, you're talking about landscapes. I'm just not sure I'd be totally happy with that lens. Given the choice between my A6600 and my Olympus EM5.iii or my EM1.iii and a cheap Olympus 15-150 I think I'd take the Olympus. Stick the Olympus 12-40 f2.8 on there and it's no contest, and the EM5.iii with that lens is probably the same weight.

I think I'm sold on Sony for the AF and f/2.8 tele zoom, since sports shooting is my primary objective in the new camera. I definitely have a positive opinion of Olympus, but when looking at options this week it seemed like Sony is a better choice for fast action shooting.

Yeah, if indoors then def get the 70-200 2.8 and you will be very happy. If outdoors then the 70-350 and you'll be golden. Out on the the baseballiamond, honestly, I use my EM1.2 and Panasonic 50-200 f2.8-4 with very good results, and less bulk.

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