Thinking about a used Panasonic 100-300ii - will I be disappointed?

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Thinking about a used Panasonic 100-300ii - will I be disappointed?

I have really been enjoying using my canon EF 100-400ii with a viltrox on my G9.  I have been really happy with the reach.  400 x 2 x .71 = FF equiv of 568mm.

The AF is reasonable for static subjects (but not that snappy) but of course the C-AF is absolutely non-existent.  Static AF even with a Kenko 1.4x on the lens even worked (canon 1.4x did not).  But honestly speaking 600mm equiv is generally okay for me after being mostly used to 400mm for a good while.

But there are some issues with this combination:

- As mentioned, C-AF is a no.  I shoot a lot of wildlife so this is an issue.  As I do more and more video it is also becoming important for that too.

- Quirky stabilization issues...  at times the camera/lens combo kind of locks up and AF will not kick in on the lens.  I have found that IBIS for video with this lens is just not good - wobbly backgrounds are a real problem - the lens IS is superb on this lens, but the lock up issue sees me having to switch the camera on and off multiple times which is VERY frustrating when watching wildlife.

- Size and weight.  My m4/3 kit exists because it is a small and portable alternative and fits in a small shoulder bag.  Sticking the EF 100-400 on defeats that.

I don't want to go all in with say the 100-400 m4/3 or the 50-200 and TC as I am still kind of keeping my m4/3 gear as affordable as possible as it is a second system. Although a 2nd system that does certain things way better than my canon gear.

I do have the 40-150 Oly plastic fantastic and am happy with IQ (generally), but the reach and having to rely on IBIS for video at relatively longer focal lengths kind of rules it out for my desired use.

So long and short - I am looking to either be talked in or out (mostly in) of buying a used 100-300ii and getting it shipped out to Zambia to make the most of a LOT of free time (our small safari lodge is not that busy at the moment for obvious reasons).  Any other options would also be welcome.  Max budget about £450 pounds.

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