Do Lenses Make A Difference? Have A Look

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Re: Do Lenses Make A Difference? Have A Look

Birdman was indeed a magnificent achievement. I look forward to the interview. Cinematographer interviews are usually much more interesting than those with directors or actors.

One notable difference between cinematographers and photographers is they spend as much time thinking about how different lenses handle halation as we do about bokeh.   That's you see so many bare lightbulbs in cinematography lens tests. I don't know the whole reason but partly it is the way halation helps reduce contrast, partly how much of a glowy fairytale look they want, partly for the overall beauty of the way the lights themselves look, and the rest I have no idea. But whatever it is, it works much of the time.

One relatively recent movie which impressed me a lot with its lenses and cinematography in general was Birdman. The wide use of WA lenses was very original. Here is an interview with the cinematographer. Of course, no much bokeh there.

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