Anyone try the Apo Macro Elmarit-R 100 mm lens for portraits?

Started Aug 2, 2020 | Questions thread
JT26 Veteran Member • Posts: 4,158
Re: Anyone try the Apo Macro Elmarit-R 100 mm lens for portraits?

I mean, it’ll be wonderful for portraits. It will show every flaw as it’s technically a perfect lens or almost.

I have owned every lens apart from the APO Macro that you mentioned. You have basically chosen a lens with almost no ‘character’, perfectly corrected and with very smooth out of focus rendition. It’s worlds apart from a 75 or 85 lux and the superb 85 contax.

All three of those lenses are almost like having two lenses in one. You get superb looks from all three wide open at 1.4 but stopping down to 2.8 gives extreme sharpness.

But then they can’t shoot macro... personally for portraits any of those three would be preferable over the APO. But the APO is an astonishing lens and the macro lens I would probably chose over anything else.

In short. The APO will render far more like a modern lens than the other three. If you go to flicker which I have just done, there’s not many portraits but just look for the images that are not typical macro shots. I.e. with a subject a few feet away

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