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Why I didn’t go Full Frame a few years ago...

Over the past few weeks there been some really annoying threads. I mean really annoying and a lot of people were getting sick to death of them. You could say this thread is one of them and the answer to this is yes and No.

A few years ago I used to say I am a better photographer than some of the Full Framer I’d seen here on Dpreview. Does this mean I’m very good or does it mean those photographers need a lot more practice than gear? Hopefully I got better since then but I wouldn’t believe I’m good enough to get three star reviews on FStoppers Critique The Communty. Maybe some of my images but I’m not pumping out constant three star images which is more important.

One of the main reasons why didn’t buy the Sony A7 system a few years ago because I realised I would be wasting my money. Not because M43 met all my needs but it mostly does but I wasn’t good enough of a photographer to warrant a Full Frame system at the time. How did I know this instead of blaming M43 for holding me back?

Over at the Mu-43 forum you can find very good images taken by photographers who know what they’re doing. You can find these images under Native Lens Sample Showcase. Here you can see what M43 is truly capable of and these images usually better than the images posted here on the Dpreview forum. Looking at the images over at Mu-43 back then, I knew I still had some way to go before it made sense for me to even consider throwing money down on a Full Frame system.

The logical question is if you not skilled enough to create images similar to that at the MU-43, why do you want to waste more money on a larger sensor camera? Those system are meant for pros and your skills/photographs would still require work. I understand if your hobby or job require Full Frame but that is different to the many cases here. People believe a larger sensor is the answer to their problem when actually a skilled photographer will use the larger sensor for a more polish image that was correctly taken.

Finally I’m not pro M43 and anti Full Frame. It just M43 and APC-S suit most of my needs. I will be getting Full Frame glass down the road because I been given a Full Frame camera but my M43 system in theory will be my primary system due to it size and weight.

Sony a7
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