Lenses for the CL?

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WSLam wrote:

Joon Lee wrote:

WSLam wrote:

23mm Summicron is fantastic. Compact, excellent IQ.

35mm Summilux has fantastic Bokeh and resolution, but it is bulkier, esp with the lens hood

18-56... slower but actually very decent and super light.

18mm... pancake. super compact, ok quality, but not much background separation..

my one lens vote would be 23/2

It's interesting because the little 23 gets poor reviews from many reviewers. I think it's because they are comparing it to a really stellar 35/1.4TL.

For me, I reach for the 23 much more than the 35.

I think the size and weight alone will make me lean towards the 23/2 over the 35/1.4 in 99% of the situation, not to mention, I am really a 35mm guy. 50 is a little tight for many situations.

The 23/2 is tiny but tends to have challenge with close focusing for me. The Sigma 30/1.4 provides a full frame equivalent 45/2.1 view on the CL and costs a fraction.

The 30 sounds like an interesting lens, I have 28s so I don't think I'd go there. I do prefer the 35 FOV. As I have said before I am a fan of the 23, I do a lot of macro photography and have specific lenses for that. But I have not seen a problem with close focusing with the 23. If it is the f stop change it is just telling you what it is doing you have similar changes with other lenses, they are just not telling you. All macro lenses have fstop changes but mostly you are making the change with time/fstop. A photo at 1ft with the 23:

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