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Re: iPad Pro - a new future for my hobby

Andy Hewitt wrote:

AndyGordon wrote:

I think the thing I’ve found with apps like Pixelmator and RAW Power is that they are really vary good and can give excellent ‘whole picture’ results. What they can’t do (yet) is localised adjustments (apart from the healing brushes), so no layers, no masks and so forth.

Affinity is as someone has mentioned, a Photoshop competitor and has pretty much all the types of pixel level adjustments you might want. I guess the question is around what exactly do you want to do edit wise on the iPad.

Yes, that really, I’m a bit of a lazy editor I guess, so I tend to use automated adjustments as a starting point, then generally edit globally, only occasionally needing to use local adjustments.

If its just some global adjustments, then Pixelmator, RAW Power etc are pretty good already. If you want to do much more, then its Affinity or Photoshop with Lightroom on the iPad.

I might sometimes want that, so in the future I probably will buy Affinity too.

One thing I really like with Affinity is that it has about 95% of the desktop features, is fully compatible file wise with the desktop versions (Win and Mac) and designed for the iPad, so it works really well. Personally, if I’m using Affinity for doing something I’m more likely to use the iPad version then either the WIn or Mac versions that I also have.

Really depends if you want to do heavy editing on the iPad, or just some simple edits.

Usually just simple edits (I’m a a believer in KISS if possible).

Either way, the iPad to me is finally turning into a useful productivity tool rather than just an email and browser tool

Yup, I’m quite impressed with it really. With my old wireless keyboard, the Pencil 2, and even a Logitech MarbleMouse, it’s easily as nice to use as a MacBook xxx, and by all accounts, much more powerful, and a better screen, than one I could have bought for similar money.

The ability to connect external devices, drives etc., was a bit of a game changer for me certainly.

My only trouble right now, is the reliability of Photos on the iMac, which does have a tendency to crash a bit. If I can get all my photos uploaded to the iCloud, I’ll probably never have a use for the desktop version again.


How do these apps work with external drives? A possible scenario for myself: iPad Pro 12.9" 4th gen, with a USB-C hub connected, with one or two USB external drives connected with my photo/video library on them, or an sd card.  Is it relatively simple to view the images on the drives (with Raw Power or Pixelmator), import one or more into the app to edit, then export back to the drive? Will any of Apple's apps need to be used to view the images? I'm just wondering how much internal memory I should be looking for in the iPad if that is the way I'm going to go (256gb? 512?), and what the workflow would look like. I've been leaning toward a MacBook Air, but the more I see the gorgeous 12.9" iPad Pro screen, and the more I think about Apple's pending switch to ARM processors, the more I'm considering the iPad route.

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