A1000: Karting on the Xitaihu DS Circuit, Changzhou

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Re: Close-up shots!

Booted Cat wrote:

This nonetheless demonstrated the DSLR world / Sony RX series' general attitude of trading focal length for more light per pixel (hence better performance for action / low light photography). For example, the RX100M7 has only 200mm but is better at action photography.

On the other hand, the Nikon P900/P950/P1000 specializes in long-zoom, stationary-target photography.

Light and sensor size don't have much impact on the IQ in your case. You can go to ISO 200 and get a much faster shutter speed.

The biggest difference between a DSLR and our A1000 in photographing fast moving object is in the focus speed. the PDAF of the DSLR can lock on in a split of second, which the mirrorless CDAF can't do.

Hybrid sensor will be better than CDAF alone, but will still have longer shutter lag when compare with the PDAF of DSLR.

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