A1000: Karting on the Xitaihu DS Circuit, Changzhou

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Re: Close-up shots!

Booted Cat wrote:

I just recovered these close-up shots, although blurry at 100% as the karts were driving fast.

These were taken when I was outside the perimeter of the circuit, so 500mm was used. Later I entered the circuit and came very close to the track and could actually take close-up shots of the karts at 24mm, but then the fast drivers quit and subsequent games were slow and no fun at all so I didn't photograph any more.

Interesting. The Kart didn't seem to be that fast. Your two photos were taken 8 seconds apart. I suspect that this type of kart can travel up to 50 kph. At that speed, it should have travelled some 100 m. It certainly doesn't seem to have travelled that far.

Your shutter speed was 1/360 sec. I don't think you had motion blur.

I suspect that it was a hot sunny day and the rising heat from the tarmac had reduced the sharpness.

It might be slightly out of focus as well. Which focus mode did you use, AF-S or AF-F?

The focus speed of the A1000 is not that great. If you use AF-S, by the time the focus was locked, the kart would have travelled quite a bit closer to you. Your f 6.3 would not have enough DOF to keep the kart in focus.

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