I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

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Re: I think I'm in trouble.....Leica SL2

I too have been down this road, my problem is I always find the camera body  the main attraction and think about lenses secondary. I am just now in a similar dilema with the Canon R5 being delivered tomorrow. RF lenses are not cheap, but a bit cheaper than Leica, however cf express cards are £500-£1000 depending on size.

I had the M10 for a few days and was thinking about just using Zeiss or Voightlander etc, however I realised the whole point of Leica is the unique pairing of lens and body and that was going to send me over 10k. A cost I just couldn't justify.

The nearest I got to buying an affordable Leica set up was the CL gives great versatility but the lenses are slooooow.

No easy way out of Leica apart from spending cash, and even then its difficult to live with 15k worth of Leica, to be honest I take more images with my phone than anything else, I guess its cause its always with me.

Good luck with your journey, as always its the journey thats interesting the destination often end up in a dead end!!!!!

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