Lenses for the CL?

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Re: Lenses for the CL?

Marie Meyer wrote:

Newbie question here: could you explain what lenses you enjoy using on the CL, and why? I'm interested in both MF and AF.

I use the 23mm TL lens quite a bit because it matches up well with what I want from the CL camera--small, well laid out, carry-around.  It's not the sharpest TL lens (though it's not bad at all), but it handles well, offers one of my favorite perspectives, and just generates pleasing results.

The 35mm TL is optically a really superb lens so I can recommend it pretty highly.  The only real downside is the size/weight of the lens.  Put that on the CL and you are approaching SL2/45mm Sigma territory.  It's still smaller and lighter, but it stops being a camera I can just forget I'm carrying.

The 60mm Macro is excellent, and it's my only macro lens so it gets a fair amount of use.  It's also not bad as a portrait lens, though the f/2.8 aperture is a bit limiting when you are talking APS-C.  It's a bit slow to focus on the CL, but speeds up quite a bit on my SL2.

The 11-23 is also a really, really good lens that gets a moderate amount of use.  It just gets out of the way.

The 18mm is the only TL lens I have used that didn't really impress me.  It's compact as heck, of course, but the image quality suffers a little too much in my view.  I'd rather use the 23mm as a "carry around" lens.

The kit zoom is actually quite good optically, but you get very limited control over depth of field, so I tend not to use it for much.  It's a good snapshot lens, though.

I haven't tried the telephoto zoom, but hear it is a real gem.

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