Panasonic 100-400 question (again)

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Re: Panasonic 100-400 question - IBIS vs OIS

bradevans wrote:

hindesite wrote:

bradevans wrote:

Filters and long lenses dont always play well together, and typically worse at longer focal lengths / with 'cheap' filter

Not at all saying that is the story with your pictures just something to consider in case the filter is causing AF issues / causing issues with the light striking the sensor

I seem to recall from a while back that many thought that IBIS seemed to "win" at shorter focal lengths but OIS started to win at longer lengths. (fuzzy recollection so please correct if wrong)

Are you saying that filter degradation of IQ is related to IS? Because it is not.

Not at all The filter issue more about long lenses / cheap filter

Certainly movement around the sensor and movement around the glass on the front of the 100-400 might be quite different,

Can you please explain what you mean? To me, your statement makes no sense.

The physics involved in stabilizing a body / sensor would seem to be rather different than those to stabilize a long lens, no? (And isn’t this why wide lens are typically not stabilized)

No, still not getting what you mean.

What did you mean by "movement around the glass on the front"?

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