How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

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Re: How hot is too hot for 2019 mbp Lightroom import?

Sorry for the long delay in reply. Busy week.

Gesture wrote:

How much do these cost? What would be realistic run time for a laptop?

That is up to you. They come in a range of capacities. If you travel by air, you won’t want more than 99 watt-hours since the FAA carry-on limit is 100 watt-hours. That is about the same capacity as the 16" MacBook Pro battery (Apple went right up to the edge of the FAA carry-on limit), so I would guess the run time would be about the same.

If you have a MacBook Air, you only need 30 watts. You will have the widest choice of power banks, and also the lowest priced.

If you have a 13" MacBook Pro, then a 60 watt capacity power bank is what you need. MacBook Pro 16" means at least 96 watts, the most expensive and narrowest range of power bank options, but they do exist.

In reality you do not necessarily have to match or exceed the power output of the Apple adapter, but if you want full ability for the Mac to operate at full performance and also charge the internal battery, then you do want to match the Apple adapter wattage.

Here are some example reviews of power banks that can charge Mac and Windows laptops, and might answer some of your questions:

Gesture wrote:

I still consider it weird that we have to carry a power bank as big or bigger than a smart phone to be sure it has enough juice for the day, but so it is, I guess.

Two points.

If you want to carry a swappable battery for extra runtime, isn't that the same thing as a power bank, only much worse? Because a swappable battery is going to be at least as big as a power bank, about the same weight or more, probably a weirder shape, and worst of all, you cannot use it with anything else, only the laptop it was made for. When you use your swappable battery, where does the dead battery go? You still have to carry it with you.

With a power bank you are carrying something comparable in size or weight to a swappable battery (possibly even smaller), easier form factor, able to charge your phones, tablets, and (USB-PD) cameras, and easily able to be recharged itself outside the laptop.

The only factor in favor of the swappable battery is that it goes inside the laptop, so if you have to pick up and move the laptop, there is nothing else connected to also pick up, it's a little cleaner.

In all other respects the win is on the side of the power bank there.

Second point.

We are no longer talking about the laptops of 10-20 years ago where you were lucky to get 2-3 hours on a charge so you really really wanted a second battery. Thanks to advances in power management and CPU power per watt, today's Mac laptops can go 8-10 hours or more in moderate use. There can be enough juice for a whole day out. Of course, you only get maybe half that if working on photos/videos a lot, although that is still a lot more than in years past. They are the ones who mainly need these power banks: All day use with high performance activities away from an outlet.

But since I bought my MacBook Pro 2 years ago, the internal battery has performed well enough that I frequently leave the house without taking the AC adapter. I only take it if I know I am going to be doing hard photo/video work away from home for more than 3-4 hours. Even though I think USB-C PD is a great feature, I still after 2 years have not found it necessary to buy a second battery, swappable or not!

Gesture wrote:

I am a dinosaur. I do not believe in any locked-in not easily swapped component, especially the boot drive even more than the battery.

But even on most PC laptops, all you can change are RAM, hard drive, and battery. That is not a lot compared to a desktop, where you can change CPU, wireless card, power supply...

I agree with you about the hard drive. Apple should allow the internal MacBook Pro NVMe SSD to be swapped out for any other readily available NVMe SSD as in a PC laptop. Prices for those continue to drop, it's painful to not be able to put a larger capacity in a MBP later.

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