Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

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Any Fruit ...

NCV wrote:

Here we are again at the orchard picking cherries

Compare the R5 and the Z7 with the EM5iii and the picture is not quite so rosy.

Compare the 2012 EM5i with the EM5iii and we see nothing has improved in 8 years on the DR front.

In fact I never bothered to upgrade and update my EM5i because what followed was just more repackaging with some gimmicks thrown in. Raw image quality remained much the same.

Any Fruit will do really. I own an RP and while I don't have an EM5 III I have a G9 and GX9 so I know what a 20 MP m43 camera can do. Any small DR advantage the EM5 III may have (and only at low ISO) is more than made up for in real world usage with the much better ISO performance and overall better IQ of the RP. The RP actually has better DR than the EM5 III as ISO increases. So really any FF fruit (and admittedly the RP is at the bottom of the FF fruit basket) still tastes better than the EM5 III or similar m43 camera.

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