Distortion vertical objects rolling shutter a9

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Re: Distortion vertical objects rolling shutter a9

padam19 wrote:

Magnar W wrote:

Are your images tilted a tad counter clockwise? The pictures seems not to be aligned perfectly to the horizont.

If the readout speed is enough to freeze a golf clun\b speed, it seens unlikely that these poles should be noticeable affected by jelly effect when panning.

It is a different scenario, the camera has the "Anti-distortion shutter" which is probably some sort of additional software correction to remove any residue for rolling shutter. It works well when the camera is relatively static, but when the camera is panning very quickly, it will have a harder time doing this type of correction, so some artifacts may still appear.
It would be interesting to see it against the new A7SIII which also has a very fast sensor readout (Even though it is not a stacked sensor), it probably does not have this Anti-distortion shutter feature.

This kind of distortion shoud probably be visible with mechanical shutters too, since faster shutter speed than about 1/250 sec is obtained with a slit moving vertically. The Sony A9/A9II readout speed isn't that much slower, about 1/180 second, from what I understand.

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