Is this Minolta lens fake?

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Re: Is this Minolta lens fake?

Brian Chichester wrote:

Looking back on this buyer's communications with you, first claiming the lens is a fake, then discovering oil on the aperture blades, it seems clear to me that he is suffering buyer's remorse and is looking for a way to reverse the sale.

eBay tends to favour the buyer in any dispute so you are probably going to have to suck it up and take the return. In your place I would blacklist this guy to make sure he doesn't bid on anything else of mine.

The OP used the words "cheap copy" . As I pointed out in my first reply, by copy the buyer could have meant that particular lens not a copy in the sense of non genuine.

Copy def :

  1. 1.a thing made to be similar or identical to another."the problem is telling which is the original document and which the copy"
  2. 2.a single specimen of a particular book, record, or other publication or issue."the record has sold more than a million copies"
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