Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

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Re: Picking Cherries

TN Args wrote:

onlyfreeman wrote:

I don't even understand your point, there is one other example:

The a7R has basically the same DR and whatever as the a7R IV (6 years later), so does that mean one should not bother upgrading from the a7R? I'm sure there are many more examples, this is just one.

Sensors have been really good for a while now, there will only be minor improvements unless there's some breakthrough technology. So does that mean upgrades are pointless because image quality is basically the same? I guess for some people that will be the case.

Personally I want better AF, ergonomics, lens selection, durability, innovative features etc.

Excellent points.

Yaa but the excellent point misses that there is resolution difference between the two version of A7r.  With same DR and higher resolution is always update path.

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