Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

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Re: Surprising Canon EOS RP vs Olympus E-M5 III comparison test

Glen Barrington wrote:

threw the lens wrote:

All comparing an E-M5 to old Canon FF cameras proves is how Canon were still trying to pass off outdated tech on the consumer.

If anybody wanted up to date dynamic range, Canon were not the company to go to for the last 13 years.

On the other hand, you could buy a camera with a tiny Sony sensor in like any of the E-M5 models, or you could buy a camera with a great big Sony sensor in it instead and leave Canon trailing way behind in dynamic range.

With the E-M5 you're screwed for high iso compared to Canon, or dynamic range with any other manufacturer of any bigger sensor.

Neither possibility makes m4/3 more interesting.

The Canon R5 however - now that is interesting. Try measuring an E-M5 up to that and report back.

You are missing the point. And I wonder if it is a purposeful lack of understanding on your part. The R5 is, what, $5000 US list price with the 24-105 lens? The E-M5 III and the Canon RP (BOTH released in 2019 - They are CURRENT models) are in the $1400 price range with roughly equivalent lenses.

Do you expect enthusiast-grade camera/lens combinations of one company to match the top end combinations of another company? Do you expect the RP to be "as good" as R5? If you do, then you aren't thinking logically.

What sort of jingoistic state of mind is required to not be able to accept that two cameras targeting the same market might emphasize different features such as noise and dynamic range to try and differentiat themselves from each other? It is these differentiations that make choosing between the cameras 'complicated'.

Stepping in after the fact, and claiming that neither are the equal of a camera costing twice as much, seems just plain illogical and, well, unfair to either camera.

But didn't you actually ask for the R5 sensor to be compared to the E-M5III, in your OP?

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