Tripod recommendation?

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Re: Tripod recommendation?

sounds more like the tripod head is the problem, and a quick look at that tripod online seems to suggest yours is removable. I'm partial to ball heads -

Good suggestion! I don't have much experience with tripods at all, so replacing the head never actually occurred to me.

I just had a go at turning knobs and pulling randomly on bits and pieces on the tripod, and I can indeed pull up that whole part that holds the camera. It's a head mounted on a long metal rod, which sinks into a hole in the tripod leg assembly.

The legs themselves are fine, they are adjustable as much as I think I need anyway. So a new head might be all I need.

Also, you don't mention which 'heavy' lens you're using. Look into whether a lens collar might exist for the lens you have in mind (to balance the weight better).

Well, in this case it's an old vintage lens, the Tamron Adaptall-2 60-300mm. It weighs nearly 1 kg so you're right it doesn't balance very well with my X-T4. But it's what I have and I need a tripod that can deal with that somehow.

What should I look for in a good tripod head? They all look the same to me

If you still feel you need a new tripod & head, DRP just did a review of 4 travel tripods you might want to look into.

Thanks for the link, I'll read up on that.

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